Computer tool that allows managing the control of CONTRACTORS
on Occupational Health and Safety issues.


With CAYAC, we ensure that externally contracted processes are controlled in accordance with legal requirementsand its Occupational Health and Safety Management System.



  1. Carry out, follow-up and monitoring of the activities outlined in the work plan established by the contractor in an easy and agile way.
  3. Achieve a reduction in the administrative time dedicated by the people responsible for the activities of the contractor control process.
  5. CAYAC, is easily accessible from any device connected to the internet under security and reliability parameters.
  7. Provides a menu that facilitates monitoring, control and decision-making on the results obtained.
  9. Solution that allows collecting, requesting and electronically controlling the information entered in each of the modules.
  11. Application that also has access to the contractor so that he can upload all the documentation for the respective management there.