It is a consulting service, designed by SEQ CONSULTORES LTDA, as a strategy to improve the alignment and interaction of business processes and with it the performance and global organizational management, managing the relationships between the company’s processes and evolving its organizational structure, with the purpose of contributing to the growth, profitability and sustainability of the company.



  1. Evidence of the contribution of the different processes to the sustainability of the organization is provided.

  2. Alignment and total interaction of business processes is strengthened.

  3. Business processes are updated.

  4. It allows to change the focus of areas to processes in the organization.

  5. Aligns all process leaders to comply with the corporate strategy of the organization and the maximization of expected results.

  6. Minimize lost time, rework and economic losses to the organization.

  7. Profitable.

  8. Defines and/or updates the responsibilities of the different positions.