We are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of the client, that is why “We do the right thing, correctly” to provide quality products and services.


The company was founded in 1997, as a sole proprietorship and under the name of Ernesto Ramos Paredes, but thanks to market demand in relation to Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work, it was established as a Legal company.

SEQ Consultores Ltda., was created with the aim of responding to the growing concern of industries for issues related to quality, the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety; Through the provision of our services and the supply of our products, we are committed to improving the competitiveness of your company.

Improving day by day the quality of the services, we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.


We are a company specialized in developing consultancies, training and audits in Strategic Planning, Quality Management Systems, Environment, Safety and Health at Work, aligned with the strategic objectives of our clients and aimed at achieving growth, profitability and sustainability of organizations.


In 2025, SEQ Consultores Ltda., will consolidate itself as the leading supplier of management systems for ARLs with a commercial agreement, with an increase in billing in direct companies, will develop international projects, will permanently increase the satisfaction of the interested parties and obtain solid economic benefits; implementing a business model based on customer management, with excellent service, product innovation and optimal organizational management.



SEQ CONSULTORES LTDA.,is a consulting company specialized in Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Strategic Planning. In the provision of our services, we are committed to understanding the needs and expectations of the customer, so that it will be able to “Do the right thing, rightly” by providing quality products and services.

In SEQ CONSULTORES LTDA., we have a competent team, with a high commitment in the identification of hazards, evaluation, risk assessment and determination of controls for the prevention of diseases, accidents at work and damage to property, promoting quality of life, social responsibility, and environmental conservation.
In SEQ CONSULTORES LTDA.,we are committed to comply with current legislation, applicable to our activities, products and services and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, as well as to implement, maintain and continuously improve the performance of the integrated management system. That is why the Top Management financially supports the implementation and improvement of the Integrated Management System.

This policy is applicable to all employees, regardless of their form of relationship, contractors, subcontractors and other stakeholders in their workplaces.